Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Birthday Week!

It's my birthday this Saturday, and the husband has declared this whole week my Birthday Week! 

Birthday Week Day 1 on Monday was a lovely dinner at Alley Bar at Peranakan Place in Somerset. 

Alley Bar is literally located in an alley backlane between two conservation houses on Emerald Hill. It's longer than it is wide, dim with warm candlelight, and lined with hanging lamps and a gilt-framed mirror right at the end. I didn't take any photographs, and the internet doesn't seem to be throwing up any good images, but here's the best one I found:

I'd really like to go back for another visit. ^~^

Birthday Week Day 2 was even better - today Hubby ordered these off ASOS for me:

Paul & Joe Ornamental Makeup Collection in 002 Noel

 Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

I'm so excited - can't wait to see what else happens in the days leading up to Saturday! Needless to say I'm also trying to guess what he's gotten me for my birthday, heehee~ This week is going to whizz past!  

In the meantime, random pictures from when I had a canter out at the weekend:

As you can see I got bored with adding watermarks halfway. Sigh! ^~^ Have a great week ahead!!


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