Sunday, 11 December 2011

Review: EOS Sugar Candy Pink

I wanted to share this post, because I recently acquired a pair of circle lenses from a place called Kawayii Lens Shop (no relation to Kawayi Beauty Salon, from a few posts ago). I got a couple of pairs of lens about a month ago when I was in KL with my parents. Of these, I was most excited about the EOS Sugar Candy Pink contact lenses, because I've always wanted a pair of pink lenses, but up till recently, only plano (0 degree) pink lenses were available.

Sugar Candy Pink Color Contact Lenses

Product Specification:

Brand: EOS
Place of Origin : South Korea
Material: 2-HEMA
Water Content : 38%
Center Thickness: 0.05mm
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base: 8.8mm
Duration: 6 months Disposable
These lenses come prettily packaged like so:

Even got a free contact lens case! Which was lucky, because I wanted to throw out a few of my older lens cases ^~^ I can't remember what possessed me to call the lens "Pink Sakura" when I was labelling them, but I had already stuck the label on once I found out, and didn't want to fiddle with the tiny labels again, so I left it, hehe :P

Right, slightly creepy photos coming up - get ready!

Right lens in.

Both lenses in.

Enlargement effect: The enlargement effect is really pretty good, due to the thick limbal ring around the lens. It defines the eye and makes it 'pop', which means that it looks good with make-up, but might be a little too intimidating if you're intending to go au naturale. That said, it really gives you a wide-awake look, as shown in the picture above. Even without eyelid glue or make-up, the lens makes the eye look so much bigger!

Comfort: Good for long hours of wear. The first time I wore this pair of lens, I went ahead and wore it for more than 12 hours straight - without eye drops. The lens are comfortable, and don't irritate the eye, even in air conditioned / windy environments. The only time I experienced a little bit of irritation was when a speck of dust got caught in my eye while I was wearing the lens.

Colour: The pink is a true baby pink - blue-toned, almost lavender in some lights, especially when combined with dark brown eyes (like mine!). I've tried purple contact lenses in the past, and those tend to look unnatural and slightly odd when placed against brown eyes. The pink lenses, however, blend nicely with dark brown eyes and give a subtle pinkish tinge in natural light, that shows up much more starkly when photos are taken with flash.

The following photos aren't with full make-up, just eyeliner and eyelid stickers, all taken without flash in natural light:

These are taken with flash, at night, with full make-up - eyeliner, eyeshadow, fake lashes, the whole shebang.

What do you think? Are these lens better with makeup, or without? :3

Eki did a video on these lens a while ago, too! I understand that these can be bought at the Kawayii Lens facebook page, or at Color Lens World, if anyone is interested!


  1. WOWWWWW!!!!! These lenses look great on you!!!

    I would never have thought to buy pink ones! But they actually look quite natural (funny I'm saying that since they're pink!)

    I agree actually, I do think really help the eyes pop, especially with makeup! :D One day I will buy some circle lenses..maybe xD

  2. @Jian: Thank you! I'm glad they ended up looking nice, and not weirdy, which is what I first thought pink lenses would look like! It totally wouldn't hurt to give circle lenses a shot - it's come to a point where I don't even buy normal contact lenses anymore :P