Saturday, 25 February 2012

Inspiration: Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2012

Images from the Spring / Summer 2012 runways have been littered throughout the media of late, there were, of course, beautiful, out-of-this-world makeup looks that accompanied great ready-to-wear collections (some of these were brilliant).

Of these, I think that I liked the Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2012 look the most, hands down. Dewy skin, nude / pink / pastel-y palettes and ultra-fluttery lashes contributed to a girly, flirty-yet-demure look that was so reminiscent of the '50s, a bit like Mad Men with a springtime palette. Even the ad campaign was shot in (what seemed like) an American-esque ice cream parlour! 

The ad campaign had a lovely look, which was structured, yet feminine. Cheeks were flushed pink just under the apples to highlight cheekbones, and eyes echoed the same pink colour to complement rosy lips. The look was pristine, almost, like women of the '50s - very Stepford Wives! 

Pat McGrath was the makeup artist for the show, and the look worked perfectly with feminine, uncomplicated colours on porcelain skin. This differed from the ad campaign shots because the focus was shifted from cheeks to the eyes. Blush was centered on the apples, instead of in that "racing stripe" area just under the cheekbones, and the makeup was a lot more natural (save for the fake lashes), contributing to an altogether girlier, almost ethereal look. Case(s) in point:

Anais Pouliot

 Kinga Rajzak

Liu Wen

Love the fluttery eyelashes! I reckon those would require more than one pair of fake lashes, and a sheeny primer / highlighter for that dewy glow. Amazed at how the makeup looks so different on all three models above, yet it works well for each of them. Definitely will be trying this out the next time I get the chance to go somewhere nice!

And just for kicks, here's the full runway show, which was the perfect mix of whimsy and feminine.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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