Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Review: Korres Lip Butters

I got these Korres Lip butters a while ago off ASOS. These retail for an arm and a leg (ok, well, S$20 or so) in Singapore, so I jumped at the chance to get these when they went on sale! I got them in Wild Rose and Quince (both of which sounded really nice ^~^). 

The Claim: 

"Korres is an organic brand that has developed an effective range of natural skin and bodycare. The brand seeks inspiration from their natural environment, sourcing their essential fruit oils and herbal infusions locally. Their extensive knowledge and experimentation with textures paved the way for their extensive skin and bodycare collection.

Korres Lip Butters are buttery lip balms with a shiny tinted finish, and contain a combination of shea butter and rice wax for deep hydration and softness."

All of that goodness sounded great, and Korres products have been getting glowing reviews in the press, so I decided to take the plunge.

Wild Rose is a deep cherry pink, a mid-red, if you will, that adds a pop of colour for cherry-stained lips, while Quince is a lighter, berry-toned pink.

Ingredients list

 Sturdy cardboard boxes that are printed on both sides (sadly, can't read Greek!)

No-frills, colourful packaging

 The lip butters are packed in plastic pots with a pronounced lip around the edge, which look like this - unique, huh?

Hygienic plastic lids that pop over the pots


Wild Rose is on the left, Quince is on the right (both taken in natural light)

What I loved:

This is a lovely product. Vibrant colour, good brand ethos, and pared-down, sturdy packaging. Wild Rose applied smoothly, and the formula was moisturising enough to leave the part of my hand that I swatched silky smooth for the rest of the day. The scent was lovely - made me want to sniff the pots all day!

Lip butters don't have the staying power that lipsticks or lipstains may have, so the creaminess and the glossiness provided by these were a nice touch. Plus, it also felt nice knowing that I was using something that was created with care. 

Not being a fan of dark, matte lips, these worked nicely because the colours were sheer, but just tinted enough to give a hint of colour. Wild Rose looks a bit scary and vampish in the pot, but once applied it lightens up to a nice sheer red, while Quince stays closer to the colour of the lid, achieving a nice pink-y, coral-y shade.

What I didn't:

While Wild Rose applied smooth, Quince was full of odd, gritty things that made the formula look a bit choppy (if you look in the second to last photo, you'll see the consistency of the product in the pot). It didn't really affect the swatch, but I did experience a bit of uneven-ess in the formula when I applied Quince to my lips. 

As nice as the packaging is, I can't help but point out that sticking your lip product in a pot makes for messy work - application can be a little cumbersome, because you've either got to get your fingers dirty, or rummage about for a lip brush. Coupled with their lack of staying power, it basically means that these lip butters aren't as portable / convenient as their makers might like you to think. :(

Another small sort-of quibble - Quince turned out to be more coral than berry in my swatch, and I can't imagine why! Though I personally do like corals more than berry, so it was a blessing in disguise!

All in all, these are definitely worth a try. Although if you're (like me) a bit picky over the look and feel of your products, it might be worth dropping by the bricks and mortar shop first to have a play around with the goods before deciding.

Korres is located in Singapore at #B2-34, ION Orchard,  2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801. You can like their Facebook page here! For the month of February, Korres is offering a 20% discount off your total bill when you purchase any 2 items. See here:

Hope that everyone's having a good week! Have you ever tried Korres products before? What did you think?

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