Saturday, 18 February 2012

Review: Belif Hydra Sebum Control Essence

I received a 10ml sample of this in the January edition of Bellabox, and was pretty excited to try it, because with combination skin, my T-zone tends to get a little shiny by the time the end of the work day rolls around. This is combined with the additional problem that the air-conditioning in my office dries my skin, especially the bits that are a little dry. 


Enter Belif Hydra Sebum Control Essence. Belif claims to be "the most truthful cosmetic brand", that aims to deliver true quality and true value to consumers. The brand has formulated a range of beauty products that aim to give you the sought-after gift of beautiful skin.

The Claim:

Hydra sebum controls the release of excess sebum and oil in your skin, making the pores smaller and leaving your skin feeling dry on the outside but soft and moisturised on the outside.

The Test: 

So, I tried this for a week only on my T-zone, while going about my daily routine (which involves lots of air-conditioning). I used it in-between toner and moisturiser, at the start of the day.

What I loved: 

The formulation, by far. I liked the consistency, which was light and non-sticky, but not watery (see the cute sphere if forms? Almost like gel, but less slippy). It was absorbed easily into my skin, and didn't leave a greasy residue either. I was pretty pleased when I found out what goes into these things - citrus unshiu to control sebum, and green clay, which removes sebum and waste in pores. 

Another great thing about this is that a little goes a long way. The essence spreads easily, and not much is needed (less than a full pump) to cover the T-zone.

And of course, it doesn't smell half bad either. Fresh, clean and herbal, is the way I'd describe it. Lovely :3

At the end of the day, I felt that my T-zone was a little bit less oily than normal, and there was less of that tell-tale shiny skin that can make my nose look like some kind of bright beacon T_T This product reduces sebum by 20%, so not a whole lot, but enough to see a difference.

What I didn't:

It's a little on the pricey side. 50ml retails for S$57, which makes it S$1.14 for 1ml. That's pretty hefty, no matter which way you slice it. After a week, I noticed that the spots where I applied the essence were a little drier and flakier than normal. I asked for matt skin, not dry skin! So, points off for that, because it meant I had to use moisturiser to heal the dry bits, but then my skin would get oily because of the moisturiser and... well, you get it.

Furthermore, there's (allegedly) only a 20% reduction in sebum, and for that price, I think there are definitely better products out there. 

For example, these!

I like blotting papers because they're handy, and sop up excess oil on spots where you need it. Unlike a cream or essence, which can easily get everywhere, blotting papers are easy to control because they only go where you want them to, and there's no need to faff around with lotions and potions. Sometimes, the simplest things are the best ^~^

The Belif Hydra Sebum Control Essence retails at S$57 for 50ml at Bellabox, and the Belif store is open for business at B1-64, Wisma Atria.

Ever used Belif before? Or keen to try it? 

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