Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tokidoki Sodashop Palette

While the husband and I were in town searching for dinner on Friday, we came across a Sephora outlet. When I had a peek in, this cute palette by Tokidoki caught my eye: 

It's called the Sodashop Palette, and retails for S$69.90 at the Sephora outlet in Takashimaya. I thought the packaging was adorable - look at the '50s diner-esque designs! Sugary sodas, sneakers, and even a little couple (who look remarkably like Tony and Sandy from Grease) doing the twist at the bottom! The tin even comes with a cute Tokidoki magnet in the shape of a pennant (shown above) and a whole sheet of character magnets which are tucked inside the tin. ^~^

Upon closer inspection, the palette contains 12 mini eyeshadows, a Perfetto burgundy eyeliner (Carina), and a nail file in the shape of Sandy, an iconic (if you will) Tokidoki character. The whole thing is flanked by a decorative mirror on the inside cover. All in all, it's really cute! 

The 12 shadows come in the following shades, and come with a plastic overlay/insert, containing the names of the shadows, as well as cute Tokidoki drawings accompanying them:
  • Skull Donut (nude vanilla)
  • Patatino (shimmery pale golden peach)
  • Riposino (medium brown)
  • Ciccio (bronzy gold brown)
  • Mummetto (dark brown)
  • Mozzarella (shimmery dark brown)
  • Tulipano (pale lilac)
  • Nancy Rocks (shimmery purple)
  • Romeo (plum)
  • Ciotolina (shimmery mossy green)
  • Arrosto (dark charcoal gray with shimmer)
  • Furbina (dark purple with shimmer)
For the most part, I thought the neutral shades in the palette were lovely, but I wasn't sold 100% on the blue-y. purple-y shades. That might be down to personal preference though, because I have, shall we say, a history with blue-y shades (haha!).

Soo from Makeup Tokki did a post on this palette way back in March of last year - Sephora is streets ahead of us over there! 

I had a poke around on Sephora's website to see what other kinds of Tokidoki goodies they have in store. My favourite by far was this set of brushes: 

Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set, US$35

These were sold in Singapore Sephora stores over the Christmas period - and sold out real quick! I would have loved to get my hands on these!

Are you a fan of Tokidoki cosmetics? ^~^


  1. Tokidoki products are so-so for me =\ I've only tried one of their palettes, and it was only "okay" ><

    1. I think their eyeshadow colours can sometimes be a bit iffy, but mainly it's because the illustrations are so cute! That said, I do agree that the quality needs to be better.