Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Taobao Stuff!

I've been stuck at home with sinusitis and confined to bed rest with lots of medicine that makes me so drowsy T_T Still, I did get up to mischief, because I've sent off for these pretty things from Taobao:

This was my first time ordering from Taobao, though I've ordered from Gmarket and ASOS before, and I was pretty impressed by the sheer variety of things you can get there. Prices aren't always as competitive as they could be (I think), especially because retailers tend to include hidden costs by hiking up shipping prices. That said, once I stayed awake long enough to put a few things in my shopping cart - hey presto! Can't wait for them to arrive! Links are included in the pictures if you'd like to get one for yourself ^~^

Do you shop on the internet? Which sites are your favourites?

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