Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Giveaway: Miko's and Jenwoonani's Giveaway

Miko's having a giveaway, and the Rilakkuma bag was reason enough for me to want to join! XD For anyone who likes surprise bags, this one's your thing! Click here or on the image above for more details. ♥

Jenwoonani's giveaway is too cute! She's giving away the most adorable Hello Kitty blinged-out eyelash case, as well as a bunch of other cool things! Click on the image or click here above to participate!


  1. thanks for sharing! The blinged out eyelash case is the most blinged out one I've ever seen!! And I love rilakkuma so all good! <3

    hope your sinuses are clearing up a little bit? if you can't get meds until you've been to the doctor have you tried steam inhalation with some menthol/mint in the hot water?

  2. @Jian: Hihi! The sinuses are a little better, and I was thinking about the hot steam trick, but couldn't find Vicks anywhere :( That said, I've taken a painkiller and decongestants for today, so hopefully it's all good :3

    Hope you're well too!