Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Events: Cozycot 10th Birthday Bash - "Shirt Up"

10th CozyCot Birthday Bash

Local beauty, fashion and all-round wellness website Cozycot.com is celebrating its 10th anniversary this December, and to celebrate they'll be throwing a birthday bash that looks set to be really exciting! For a start, the first 100 Cotters (cute pet-name for the lovely ladies who frequent the site) to RSVP and turn up at the event on 3 December 2011 (Saturday) which starts from 6pm at, get this, an as-yet undisclosed location, to get a complimentary door gift.

Once you sign up with your Cozycot log-in, you'll be redirected to a page telling you that you've been successfully pre-registered. Your email will ping with a new message as well, which holds your all-important 6-digit registration number. This will facilitate your entry to the event on the night, and save you endless amounts of hassle, I'm guessing. ^^

What's more, this year, Cozycot is celebrating an item of clothing that symbolises empowerment, freedom and making a statement - the very ideals that Cozycot stands for. The ubiquitous piece of clothing is none other than...

The Shirt
More specifically, Cozycot has a "Shirt-On" campaign with 3 distinct campaigns for Cotters to take part in.

Campaign 1 is to wear a shirt in as creative a way as possible - the more creative the better, while Campaign 2 just needs you to turn up in your shirtly best on the night. Campaign 3 is something everyone can do - riffle through your (or your man's/family members') wardrobe and pick out clothing that could do with going to a better home. Cozycot will be donating these used items of clothing to charity, so you won't only look your best at the bash, you'll be doing your part to help the underprivileged too~ ^^

I came across a couple of videos that might be of use for Campaign 1. Enjoy!

Interested yet? Click on the image above or, more simply, just click
HERE to be redirected to the Cozycot 10th Anniversary website!

For me, the date is saved!

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