Saturday, 5 November 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Nail Polish

I've been after a good nail polish for some time, especially these days, because my hands and nails are currently a sight for sore eyes - they sure could use some TLC!

These beauties caught my eye the other day when I was browsing through ASOS. These Models Own Beetlejuice polishes are pearlescent, jewel-toned nail polishes that draw inspiration from shiny, sheeny beetle wings.

Each shade consists of four individual colours, which are then mixed into one multi-tonal, shimmering colour, resulting in a multi-faceted nail colour that is constantly changing. How cool is that?

Rather unimaginatively, the polishes are called (from left) Golden Green, Pinky Brown, Purple Blue, Aqua Violet and Emerald Black. Here's how Models Own describe their colours:

Aqua Violet, a true sky shimmer; Pinky Brown, a warm rusty pink; Golden Green, a fresh energetic acid; Purple Blue, a vibrant punch of fuchsia indigo; and Emerald Black, a bold blackened midnight peacock.

The Beetlejuice nail polishes are new for November 2011, and can be bought here. Models Own are running a really good deal at the moment, where you can buy all 5 polishes, plus a 3 in 1 Base Coat / Top Coat / Gloss for
£20. Usually, each bottle goes for
£5, so it's a £10 (or so) saving. If you're a nail polish fan, I reckon it might be a set that's worth investing in just for the colours. I'd really like to give Aqua Violet a try!
Has anyone used Models Own nail polish before?


  1. What a cute and unique color u have a swatch of it?

  2. They do look pretty in the bottle, don't they? I don't have swatches yet, as I'm still deliberating over whether to buy them, but once I do, swatches will go up here! ^^

  3. These are gorgeous! I have seen quite a bit about them around on the blogosphere. Never tried models own polishes but seen good things about them! Tempting, very tempting!

  4. @Jian - I never thought I'd say that beetle colours were cute, but these polishes are definitely something I'd like to try out! (p/s: Have also heard good things about Models Own polishes)

  5. I love the colours! luckily Asos carries it or I
    don't don't where else I can get it :)

  6. @Peiji: ASOS is the best place to get Western cosmetics, I think. Their discounts are generous, too!