Sunday, 30 October 2011

Paul & Joe Spring 2012 Collection - "Meow"

I first met Paul & Joe on the cosmetics shop floor of Takashimaya. I admired the eclectic floral patterns on their coats and their gorgeous scent that reminded me of springtime in Paris, while they just smiled and said nothing.

Well, nothing except "S$39 each, please."


Hello, I am a Paul & Joe convert.

I love the soft palettes and the lovely packaging, the light fragrances and the overall girly-ness of the brand that makes using the products even more of a joy. I'm an avid follower of
Rougedeluxe, Makeup Stash and the like, who are fans of the Parisian brand, and their reviews of the recent 2011 Fall line made me fall even more in love with the brand after that chance meeting in Takashimaya.
I learnt from Rougedeluxe's blog and the Paul & Joe twitter that the new Paul & Joe Spring 2012 Collection will be launching early next year. What's special about this collection is that the collection celebrates the brand's 10-year anniversary, and it sure does celebrate its coming-of-age in style - with creator Sophie Albou's favourite animal - cats!

B-glowing's Youtube has a lovely comprehensive run-through of the core products in the collection, and if, like me, you love cats, florals, and girly spring colours, I think this collection will be a hard one to miss. ^^

The collection will contain 3 lipsticks, 3 blush sticks, 3 eyeshadow trios, gel eyeliner and retractable blush, finishing powder, and 3 nail polishes, all serving as perfect complements to the spring ready-to-wear line, as the prints used on the packaging have, as always, been borrowed from the corresponding fashion collection.

The usual Paul & Joe attention-to-detail is apparent here, from the packaging, to the look of the lipsticks and blush sticks (with little pawprints and cute kitten heads!). All Paul & Joe cosmetics are made in Japan, and their lipsticks in particular come encased in an eco-friendly cardboard tube, that miraculously withstands a good deal of bashing about in handbags and make-up bags.

Furthermore, the collection, aptly dubbed "Meow", looks set to deliver a palette of cheery, wearable springtime shades, which I think looks set to delight the brand's loyal followers and new initiates alike. Paul & Joe's motto is to embody the Parisian values of enjoying life, and the cosmetics certainly do evoke notions of little indulgences that make it easy to be fashionable. ^^

One of the standout products in this collection is the eyeshadows, each of which come in three different variations (from the video I think the colour combis are green, pink and brown) and textures - satin, suede and silky. The palette reminded me a little of Holika Holika's Hello Holika! blush palette, which also features a playful kitty on its hind haunches. That said, the two palettes are undoubtedly suitably distinct, but might work well together, no?

The blush sticks also look very collectible, because who wouldn't love a blush that has a little kitty face and top hat? I know I would!

A couple of product pictures (all ridiculously cute) have been making their rounds on the internet. Can't wait for the collection to make its way to our sunny shores!

Images from Twitter, and Biteki.


  1. Paul and Joe has some of the cutest packaging on the market. I like the tophat on the cats.

  2. The tophatted cat reminds me of Top Cat! The novelty aspect of it contributes to its appeal, don't you think? ^^