Monday, 31 October 2011

Haul: Holika Holika

I was in town over the weekend window-shopping with a friend (keyword being "window"), when I paid Holika Holika a visit, upon which I ended up going shopping. They were having a 40% off sale, so here's what I got, complete with pictures, courtesy of my cellphone:

Apple Shine Scrub Foam (S$10.90)
This daily scrub foam containing micro fine scrub particles removes daily dead cell without stimulus.
Face 2 Change Cream Starter (S$18)

Cream starter that prepares a perfect skin before makeup
- Contains mild flower acid, seaweed extract and aquatic & botanical collagen gel
- Contains Argan oil and deep ocean water to provide moist and nutrition from deep layer of skin
- All-in-one product with skin care and primer function

The following were in a grab bag - the whole lot for S$10, which was a pretty good bargain seeing as each item cost between S$2.50 - S$5.

Cherry Blossoms Essence Mask Sheet

Containing essence of cherry blossoms extract that's rich in minerals, it provides water and nutrition to the skin to keep it moist, and clears up the skin tone to make clean and shiny skin.

Eye Charm

No official description, but I used these the other day, and they are pretty effective! No major quiggles (I'm single-lidded), but a couple of non-product-related comments, nevertheless.

Powder Puff

Again, no official description, but it's adorable and soft!

Eyebrow Shaver / Comb with Mirror

Nope, still no official description, but this is a quintessential grooming tool in a hopelessly cute package.

Plus! I got a couple of samples with my purchase. Would have hoped to get more, but they had a gift with purchase promotion that only started from S$80.

HD Skinny Primer Base

Contains silicone elastomer which creates a filler effect by covering pores for smooth skin texture. Makes skin moist and silky to the touch. Corrects skin redness and uneven skin tone for clear and bright complexion.

Peach Girl BB Cream

Rejuvenates a bubbly skin tone with vivid peach color.

Reviews to follow!

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