Friday, 13 April 2012

Swatches: Revlon Lip Butters

It's been a while since I blogged - and I've got a really good reason! Actually, it's because the hubby and I just found out that we're going to have a baby! 

How awesome is that!

It's early days yet, but we can't wait to take this journey together, and every day is a new experience for us. We've just been busy documenting every moment so we don't miss anything. Soon there'll be a little baby clock running around!

Right now, the little baby is making me exhausted though - I usually feel like I need a nap halfway through the day - and I usually end up KO-ing on the bed once I'm back home. There's not much time to do very much else, and that's why I've been falling behind on my blogging. There's a whole backlog of stuff that I have to get posted! :3

I hope everyone has been well! Share your news with me!

Anyway, I'm sure we're one of the last people on Earth to get these, but Revlon Lip Butters have finally landed in Singapore! I passed by a standee the other day, and caught sight of the gorgeous Emma Stone modelling Peach Parfait, which looked lovely on her. They go for S$15.90 in Singapore, which is quite a lot more than the US$6 or so that they cost in the US. Anyhoo, only 8 shades have been released here so far, and I got some swatches:

Sorry about the mark on my hand - I burned myself with the steamer - there's still a mark there! T__T These are relatively heavy-handed swatches, but I found that the lip butters swatch fairly true to colour and have a great deal more moisture (at least when applied) than your average lip gloss. They didn't last a very long time, because they wiped off my hand easily and came off pretty quickly when I used the one that I bought (below), but I think I can live with the lack of longevity for the cute pop of colour, vanilla scent and smooth, buttery feel.

I have to admit that I was tempted by all the colours, but in the end I went for a colour that I could use at work without appearing too scary or "made-up". Macaroon is a lovely coral, peachy colour, that is easily buildable and applies so smoothly on my lips. I think that for my complexion, it's a "my lips, only better" kind of shade, that I'll definitely be able to hold on to. 

I was also gifted the Strawberry Shortcake by the lovely PrettyShinyThings, which was a nice surprise to find! I haven't had the heart to use it yet (I've been keeping things for special), but I'm intending to break it open for a whirl soon enough! 

Keep well everyone, and happy weekend! ♥

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